Inactive Accounts Framework

Informing our customers about their inactive bank accounts and the future surrender of deposits in favor of the Greek State due to twenty years of inactivity

Bank Saderat Iran Athens Branch informs its customers that, based on what is defined in Legal Decree .1195 / 1942 as amended by Law 4151/2013, deposit accounts with cash balances which remain without real movement (such as withdrawal, deposit) for more than five years, they are characterized by the Law as inactive. According to the current provisions, if no deposit is made in these deposit accounts for a period of twenty (20) consecutive years from their place of inactivity, then the rest of them are blocked and surrendered to the Greek State. It should be noted that the accrual of interest-bearing deposit accounts, as well as their capitalization, do not constitute a transaction and therefore do not stop the process of the presumed inactivity period.

In the event that you have a deposit account with balance, which is inactive for at least five years, you can visit one of our Bank’s branches to (a) update your personal information as provided and (b) ) activate your deposit account by making a real cash transaction.